The Demolition is Real

One month has officially passed since we started construction on our new office. The progress is exciting to watch even though “progress” right now means demolition of the old interior.

I love HGTV. My husband actually got me hooked on Property Brothers a couple years ago. Sometimes the only way I can stay on the treadmill for longer than 15 minutes is when I’m watching Drew and Jonathan transform those fixer-uppers into beautiful homes. The results are always so amazing. One thing I don’t think they show enough of, though, is the demolition phase of the project—the scary time when you don’t know how all of that rubble and empty space is going to morph into a beautiful home. The show definitely makes it seem like these projects only take minutes to complete. It would be amazing if my construction could be done by the end of my workout. Unfortunately, it takes slightly longer. In the meantime, we are very fortunate to have access to my father’s endodontic office where I can treat patients while waiting for the construction to finish.

We’re one month into our construction and I can’t wait to see the finished result!