Don't Take Our Word for It

Dr. Garcia-Paul loves creating beautiful smiles while developing relationships with you and your family and watching smiles, attitudes and confidence transform.

I am so happy my daughters’ dentist recommended Miami Orthodontic Specialists to us. Dr. Garcia-Paul is very caring and professional. For my older daughter who needed braces right away, she gave us a detailed treatment plan and ensured all our questions were answered fully.

My younger daughter is being monitored by Garcia-Paul periodically for orthodontic issues but has yet to need treatment. I appreciate that Dr. Garcia-Paul has not rushed her into braces. This just exemplifies what type of a kind and caring person she is.

Her entire staff is outstanding, friendly, and efficient. The office is always spotless, and we never have to wait. Thank you, Dr. Garcia-Paul! I now have two daughters who want to be orthodontists just like you when they grow up!

- Mercy

As many of us I did orthodontic treatment when I was a teen but did not wear my retainers so my teeth moved ... although it was something that really bothered me I was worried about the financial cost because I knew I didn’t want to get braces again but did not think I could afford Invisalign.

I went to a few different consultations but Quickly realized how important it was to do the treatment with a board-certified orthodontist. Long story short I met with Dr Garcia-Paul.... I started treatment and have been super happy since!

They were able to accommodate my busy schedule and offer me a really flexible financial plan. Highly recommend this office!!!!

- Amanda

Orthodontic Info

Dr. Carmen Garcia-Paul is extraordinary! She takes her time with patients providing individualized and detailed care. My daughter and niece love her!

Her office is clean and organized. The staff are kind and professional. They have even accommodated our schedules to address things that require immediate attention. The girls’ smiles have improved tremendously since our first appointment.

We are so happy we found Dr. Carmen Garcia-Paul. Her passion and dedication shows at every visit.

- Thomas

 We love Miami Orthodontic Specialists, Dr Garcia is wonderful and all her staff. My daughter has been in braces for about 1.5 years and all we had is a great experience.

I’m a hygienist for over 20 years now and I highly recommend this office, not only to my patients but to all my friends and family.

- Aman

Dr. Garcia-Paul and her staff are always prepared and ready for you. Also, her office is beautiful, clean and organized which makes it a nice place to come to and makes you feel welcome and special!

They take the time to explain what will take place in each visit. The attention to detail and professionalism makes me feel at peace, knowing I am in the right place. I can’t wait to see the final results of my new smile.

- Natty